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  • I can't install my Procreate brushes!
    See our Installation Guide .
  • My Procreate brushes seem to be angled the inverse way. They don't write the way they are supposed to.
    Not a big deal. Sometimes the rotation of the brush is affected when you change from a portrait to landscape canvas. Here's how to fix it: 1. Go into the brush settings. 2. Tap 'Source'. 3. In 'Source Shape', pinch with 2 two fingers and rotate the image 90 degrees. Alternatively, the issue can be solved by disabling iPad rotation in the brush settings.
  • Are there any free samples on your site that I can try out first?
    Yup! Just head on over to the Freebies page. :)
  • Still need help?
    Head on over to our Contact page!
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